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This very intimate property sits on 600 square meters split-level land with a total of 3 bedrooms for 6 adults. Padi Menari is the perfect adult retreat...a quiet sanctuary that will rejuvenate your mind and soul and (hopefully) liberate you from inhibitions.

A private 4m x 8m pool with lush tropical garden overlooks a spectacular view of padi fields and coconut groves beyond.

Cautionary note

The villa may not be suitable for children or wheelchair-bound individuals due to its multi-level topography and open spaces.


The Main House sits on the lower level of the rice terrace and is approximately 250 square meters with an ensuite bedroom on each floor, providing privacy and intimacy for individual couples who can come together in the living hall, pool and garden for relaxed, social interaction.

The villa is located by the windy rice fields and is very open. We share the land with the indigenous creatures of the sawah such as white herons, birds, frogs, tokeks (giant gecko), field mice, spiders, green snakes and a range of insects. For the most part, they avoid humans but occasionally you may encounter a curious creature seeking refuge. Mostly harmless, maybe pesky at times but hey! this is nature. Pest-control and fumigation treatments on ants, mosquitoes and bugs are done occasionally. However, we prefer a less toxic approach using natural compounds in a bid to minimise the use of chemicals, thus they are not completely exterminated.

Overlooking the banks of the paddy fields is a private 4m x 8m plunge pool that will tantalise you to take a dip after a hot day out. You will be tempted to spend your mornings lazing around watching the farmers at work and balmy evenings relaxing with a cool drink in hand so spare some time from your busy activities to just sit back and relax.

Padi Menari is a retreat from the world that will return you to yourself. It is a realm that will evoke your emotions and sensations - come with an open mind to embrace all possibilities.Whether you are a group of friends reveling in freedom and adventure; a mature family coming together to reconnect and rejuvenate; or a couple igniting passion and romance; be open to indulge in liberating yourself from all inhibitions. It is where artists, yogis and weary city dwellers find solace and peace with nature and oneself...and it is where we hope you will too.
Note: Although we love children and have welcomed many families to stay over the years, Padi Menari is very much an adult’s getaway and is not designed as a child-safe property with its open concept and multi-levels. Thus, please make the right considerations when making a choice to stay with us.

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